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My Point of View by AOB Apprentice Artist Elizandra V.

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As a new apprentice, I just want to say how welcomed I am to be a part of Arts on The Block’s Pour Your Art Out program. These past few weeks, we have been working on our first commission, which is to create 80 centerpieces for the 27th Annual Montgomery County Executive Ball. The Executive board is hosting this ball, and all the proceeds from the event will go to arts and humanities programs in Montgomery County.

We were given a theme, which is “Arts’ Power”. Currently, we are still working on the production   process. Last Saturday, December 1st, we were able to create 63 centerpieces. The Arts on the Block studio was turned into a factory. Even crazy ideas became a physical reality. Everyone was working–if someone was done with their task, that person was then held responsible to help the other apprentices with their centerpieces.

At the end of the day, we all looked at the bottles and we all felt very happy. We were all proud of each other because we made it happen, and that our crazy ideas became a physical reality.

Last Saturday, we didn’t just spent our time creating our centerpieces, but we also dedicated our time discuss what are the roles artists can play to impact and inform the public. December 1st is the International Aids Awareness Day. We talked about an artist by the name of Keith Haring. Haring was a victim of aids and devoted his last few years on raising awareness to the public about aids. He even created an organization that raises money for the victims of Aids.

He was a prime example that showcased the power of arts in the community, which actually relates to the theme for our centerpieces.