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Plan Smart when Selling Art!

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It was all about business today at Arts On The Block as financial educator Derek Sontz came to visit our organization. He encouraged our apprentices to think about the business and finance aspect of creating their artwork for clients. He proposed different approaches to financial strategies and working together as a team to meet their goals. To start with this business planning, our apprentices needed to have core goals–or S.M.A.R.T goals as Mr. Sontz referred to them, goals that were: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. While planning, our apprentices came up with numbers and figures for an item they’d all like to create for our Open House event, approaching in March. Working together, they configured important factors such as: production time, material costs, pricing, net and gross sales, marketing strategies, premium deals for clientele, and even exercising their leadership skills delegating individual tasks for each other. After Mr.Sontz’s engaging discussion, the apprentices brainstormed their various ideas to put their business plan into action. Now that they have greater knowledge of business planning when selling their artwork, I have no doubts that our apprentices are headed towards bright  and successful futures.

January 19th, 2013

-Aprill H.














“Can we ever thank you enough?”

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Possibly the most humbling, exhilarating and unnatural season of the year came to a close for Arts on the Block — and a lot of other nonprofits — one day last week when the postal worker delivered the last in a six-consecutive-week stream of check-filled envelopes to the door.  With that envelope, and the thank you note that was returned to its sender the next day, the rush of the all-out annual end-of-year fundraising campaign was officially over.

Though this will be the 10th year of operations for Arts on the Block, it is only our fourth year of asking individuals for support. And while in some ways it gets easier each year, it is also an increasingly humbling affair.  Board members drumming up the courage to ask  friends and neighbors; online donations streaming in from admirers with unfamiliar names;  and this year, for the first time ever, even a donation from my very own mother!

It is humbling indeed. And exhilarating. And — unnatural. To know from the start that only a percentage of those who are asked will say “yes,” and among those who do not may be the neighbor you have to face each week taking out the garbage or the cousin who you will surely be seated  beside you at a future Bar Mitzvah. But you do it anyway because you know that in order to deliver on the promises of a mission, it takes a village, as cliched as that saying may be. And villages are made one person at a time.

Two thousand and twelve may be over, but the thanking will go on for a long, long time.  How, I ask, can we ever thank you enough? How can we ever let you know how grateful we are for reaching into your hearts and taking a chance on Arts on the Block. Taking the risk that we will put your generous offerings to good use. Trusting us to wisely leverage your hard-earned savings for the good of creative young people and the community at large.

We may never be able to thank you enough, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts. And may 2013 be a year of joy and wonder for all.

Gratefully yours,

Jan Goldstein, Executive Director



Art is Healing–Growth and Development

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Today was a very productive one at Arts on The Block. Juan, a new apprentice at Arts on the Block this season gave us a presentation of his artwork and his sketches that were all done this term while working at AOB. Everyone really enjoyed seeing his work, because not only did he take pride in it, but it also showcased the amazing accomplishments that the apprentices have come together and succeeded in doing so far, here at AOB. He showed many past sketches and ideas of all our projects and commissions thus far, and it was great to see how far we’ve come in the past few months. Next, the apprentices continued to work on the flyer and come up with more exciting designs for the Pheo Para Alliance event. Together they came up with some really creative, inspiring ideas all surrounding the event’s main theme–“Art Is Healing”. Following the morning brainstorming for that event–we had three clients visit us today with great enthusiasm to work with us for their future projects. It was very exciting to meet one of Arts on The Block’s very own board members today Ms. June Linowitz. She was very excited to be working with us again –as were our apprentices as they shared their ideas for her house number commission. In addition to June’s visit, Dr. Gillian Caldwell and her children visited us with creative ideas for their house number as well. Later as I walked around–I noted that her commission involved two key elements–fairies and chickens, while June’s was a more subtle earth tone design. So it will be interesting to see our apprentices work with their clients and further develop these projects. Last but not least, AOB was visited by a third client and another AOB Board member, — Mr. Jim Neustadt, who came in for a design review meeting. Following all of our meetings with our clients today, everyone regrouped and shared their different interview experiences–and how much they looked forward to working with our clientele. As the day drew to a close, we all gathered around in the conference room and winded down today’s work with thought-provoking riddles to solve. The apprentices broke up into teams, and worked together to solve each riddle–it was not only a fun exercise, but it also really brought everyone together and challenged them to think independently and as a group to solve each problem. I feel that our apprentices are truly growing, not only with their progressing artistic skills, but also with their life skills–professionally handling their clients today with positive and diligent attitudes. It’s truly a great experience to watch them grow, and display ever-growing confidence in their capabilities.


January 9th, 2013

-Aprill H.