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Counting UP, Counting Down

Written by Jan on . Posted in Carroll Avenue Quebec Terrace, Common Ground

“Wow – is this really a COLLEGE?” one incredulous middle school student was overheard saying as she floated down the hallway of the Cafritz Foundation Art Center (Silver Spring/Takoma Park campus of Montgomery College) towards the ceramics classroom. College-age students were just emptying out in preparation for a visit from the dozen or so middle and high school-aged youth from the Carroll Avenue Quebec Terrace community in Long Branch who visited the school on April 13. Not only was it the first-ever introduction to a college campus for most, but it was a first date with extra-cool Professor J.J. McCracken. 2013-04-13 15.28.22

In no time, 4” tall numbers were being snapped out of freshly-rolled porcelain clay in hefty copper cookie cutters. An hour or so after arriving, over 200 individual numbers were being painted with glaze and prepared for a special “single fire” process. The beautiful white objects emerged from the kiln a week later, itching to be popped into mosaic address plaques which will be constructed by Common Ground participants this summer.

Our many thanks to the wonderful folks at Montgomery College, and the YMCA and AOB staff members who made this memorable adventure possible!

As of the date of this posting, the spring session has ended and the count down to the summer season has begun. Please return back to this blog often to catch up on developments at CAQT!

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