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Lamps Galore!

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Artpreneurs created lamps with mosaic elements.  Each student designed and arranged broken colored glass to create a mosaic picture on the front of the lamp. These lamps will be for sale at the Fenton Street Market where Arts on the Block will have a booth. Check out the Artpreneurs’ work below!



Apprentices of Summer 2013.

Week 1 of Summer 2013 Begins!

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July 1st marked the beginning of Arts on the Block’s Artpreneurs workshop! This week introduced new faces and new expectations upon which their artistic journey will embark. The week commenced with new and returning apprentices who were eager to begin various projects. Arts on the Block staff encouraged the Artpreneurs to create a list of expectations for themselves, instructors, and the workshop often to refer to as a guide during the program. Students also completed a pre-assessment of their skills, knowledge, and outlook on art and entrepreneurship. The apprentices met with new client, Father Mike Johnson, who requested a mosaic of Our Lady Guadalupe for St. Camillus. He told the story behind the Catholic deity in efforts to relay its importance to his faith and religious institution. Artpreneurs worked on defining negative and positive space. Board Vice President and client, June Linowitz, spoke with students about professionalism and behavioral conduct while “landing the job” as commission based artists. Few students held a private meeting with John Barnes, board member, and his wife, Kassie,  to discuss a commission project. Next week, Artpreneurs will begin working on mosaics and enhancing their skills!