A Walk Through Wheaton

V cameraA Walk Through Wheaton by Veronica Sloan, Communications Specialist, Arts on the Block/ Principal, CannonLeighStudio

“While we’re here, I want to show you something really beautiful,” he said as we walked hand in hand through Wheaton. My husband and I stopped in front of a very large and gorgeous mosaic mural. I was taken by how inspired the work was and the way that it both changed and reflected its environment. The way that the singular tiles came together to create a unified work told a story of community connectivity; individuals from different cultures, ideals, and religions were represented by sparkly, matte, and multi-colored tiles in grout that created harmonious beauty. Even tucked between a concrete pass-through in a place that was somewhere between neglected and revitalized, this piece of public art brought new life to the area.

“It was made by kids in Arts on the Block,” he continued telling me about the organization. He was familiar with AOB through his work with Montgomery County’s Public Art Review Panel and the Arts and Humanities Council’s Public Arts Trust. We stood there musing at how the art reflected the community in brilliant hues with creativity and insight. And I was inspired to get involved.

Since that moment in 2011, both my husband and I have been involved with Arts on the Block in some way. Behind the scenes, he makes introductions the organization as an option to area builders and developers wanting to commission public art and I’m a Communications Specialist; both of us hoping to encourage others to take an inspirational walk through Wheaton and to stop and look at one of the many large and gorgeous mosaic murals created by AOB youth.

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