AOB Inspirational Stories

Throughout the spring of 2017, we asked our alumni, friends, and supporters to share stories about how they have been inspired by Arts on the Block.

Here’s what they had to say:

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Flashback Backsplash by June Linowitz, AOB Board President
In His Own Words Edgar Alvarado, 2008- 2009 Alumni- Architect and AOB Assistant Teaching Artist
They Are So Worth It by Dawn Goodman Washington, AOB Communications and Development DirectorDawn - sm
Aselin Lands, 2007-2008 Alumni- AOB Board Member, Artist
A Walk Through Wheaton by Veronica Sloan, AOB Communications Specialist

Art Careers-Art Connections by Naomi Giddings, AOB Social Media Specialist & Designer
Where the HeART is by Anwesha Moitra, AOB Apprentice Artist
Jenae Matthews, 2010 Alumni-Children’s Illustrator & Graphic Designer
Jenai Carter,2010 Alumni- Interior Architecture/Design Student, Interior Design Assistant
I Learned… by Veska Rukmananda,PYAO Apprentice
Eirene Wang, 2008-2009 Alumni- MIA Candidate at Columbia University
LallyBear Bowl by Kathy Lally-Beares, AOB Board Vice President
We’re in This Together
by Anne L’Ecuyer, AOB Executive Director


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