Flashback Backsplash

Flashback Backsplash
by June Linowitz, Board President, Arts on the Block

I had been on the board of Arts on the Block for a couple of years when I decided to commission the apprentices to produce a mosaic wall for my kitchen. Of course I had seen the work produced for public spaces around the region and was impressed. But it’s one thing to see the work in other places and another thing to contemplate having it in your own home. I was afraid I was going to have a wall of kids’ art. Charming in its own way but not what I had in mind for my kitchen. I knew the intentions were good but I wasn’t sure the results would be.

I met with the apprentices and the master artist overseeing the project. I told them what I wanted and showed them photos of where the proposed mosaic would go. They asked me questions about my color preference, the styles of art I like and subject matters I am drawn to. In a few weeks the apprentices showed me four designs and the mosaic tiles they would use to produce each one. I breathed a sigh of relief. The designs were terrific and the hardest part was making the final decision. Now I have an excellent original mosaic wall that draws compliments whenever someone new visits the house.

I have since commissioned an exterior sign with my house numbers and have a few mosaic path stones in my garden. I’ve enjoyed the process so much that I’m at risk of covering everything and everyone in the house with mosaics! My cat has been avoiding me lately.

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