Great Gratitude; Wholehearted Hopes

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With great gratitude to the fabulous the ever-enlarging AOB family for an AMAZING 2012 that ended on such a high note: THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your generous contributions of time, expertise and financial resources.  There is simply NO WAY we could exist without you –- board members, staff, volunteers, and supporters old and new.  Your generosity is beyond measure.  Having spent a few hours in the office today preparing for the week’s work, I have to say I am awestruck. How very, very blessed we are to have friends like YOU.

One of the proudest accomplishments of 2012 that you made possible was our new web presence.  This WordPress-based site provides not only a platform for showcasing the stunning artwork created by our participants and the opportunity to share information about our programs, it offers virtually anyone a platform for sharing thoughts about AOB.

To that end: it’s challenging  not to start off a new year without at least a short list of “wishes, hopes and dreams.” So I have succumbed to the temptation with my personal short list below, and invite the rest of the world to do the same by responding to this post.

Jan’s Wishes for 2013

  • That this our 10th anniversary year* will be marked by year-long celebrations and further solidification of our already-strong programming;
  • That AOB will serve at least 20% more youth than in 2012;
  • That each graduating participant will get a jump start on his/her college education and life-after-high-school;
  • That AOB will be the catalyst behind the appearance of new artist-designed light in the Carroll Avenue/Quebec Terrace community;
  • That our board of directors will grow to a 15-member body as sanctioned by our bylaws;
  • That AOB will attract at least 100 enthusiastic new supporters.

AND I wish for YOU, dear reader, access to all the beauty and goodness that surrounds one every minute of every day. Welcome, 2013!

Most sincerely,



Jan Goldstein, Executive Director

* AOB began programming in 2003 as part of a larger nonprofit and became independent in 2009



My Point of View by AOB Apprentice Artist Elizandra V.

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As a new apprentice, I just want to say how welcomed I am to be a part of Arts on The Block’s Pour Your Art Out program. These past few weeks, we have been working on our first commission, which is to create 80 centerpieces for the 27th Annual Montgomery County Executive Ball. The Executive board is hosting this ball, and all the proceeds from the event will go to arts and humanities programs in Montgomery County.

We were given a theme, which is “Arts’ Power”. Currently, we are still working on the production   process. Last Saturday, December 1st, we were able to create 63 centerpieces. The Arts on the Block studio was turned into a factory. Even crazy ideas became a physical reality. Everyone was working–if someone was done with their task, that person was then held responsible to help the other apprentices with their centerpieces.

At the end of the day, we all looked at the bottles and we all felt very happy. We were all proud of each other because we made it happen, and that our crazy ideas became a physical reality.

Last Saturday, we didn’t just spent our time creating our centerpieces, but we also dedicated our time discuss what are the roles artists can play to impact and inform the public. December 1st is the International Aids Awareness Day. We talked about an artist by the name of Keith Haring. Haring was a victim of aids and devoted his last few years on raising awareness to the public about aids. He even created an organization that raises money for the victims of Aids.

He was a prime example that showcased the power of arts in the community, which actually relates to the theme for our centerpieces.

Welcome to our NEW website!

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Arts on the Block is beyond thrilled to share with you our all-new website! Months — no, years — in the offing, it was designed to give you a fresh new glimpse into the world of Arts on the Block.  AOB has grown so much recently — there is a LOT we want to share.  And now: we have a much better way to open our doors to you. We hope you will take a few moments to browse around for:

  • A comprehensive guide to all our programs.
  • Lots more photos of AOB artwork — organized by type and by price.
  • A new alumna story.
  • Tweets!

Special thanks to the following groups and individuals for helping birth our new site:

  • Our sharp website design committee: Andrew Green, June Linowitz, Jim Neustadt, Natalie Ramirez and Zoe Richter.
  • The ever-diligent, ever-dedicated team at SW Creatives: Shala Graham, Ryan Phillips and Christy Batta.
  • Web usability consultant extraordinaire: Devan Goldstein.
  • Our king of clear, clean copy: Mark Walston.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

AND: we hope you will sign on to follow our blog, tweets and/or Facebook to keep ahead of the rapidly evolving world of Arts on the Block!