Richard Dana’s “Form & Energy” Melds Art & Science

Microaquea #1, Betsy Stewart & Cellular Holiday, Richard Dana

                                             Microaquea #1, Betsy Stewart & Cellular Holiday, Richard Dana

FORM AND ENERGY is on view from August 4 to September 16 at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

The Gallery @LPCA
17 Algonquin Drive, Lake Placid, NY

Friday, August 4 from 5 – 7 PM

“An Evening of Dance & Art” featuring a Form & Energy-inspired, original dance piece by revered choreographer Rebecca Kelly and music by classical Egyptian composer Ashraf Fouad will take place on Monday, August 14 at 5 PM.

Form and Energy is a visual interpretation of the way art and science can intersect to evoke the forces and matter that permeate our universe.

Betsy Stewart’s paintings teem with depictions of natural life forms hidden from the naked eye as they undergo processes of transformation.  Richard Dana’s work poetically suggests energies and transformative processes that could be the animating forces for Stewart’s life forms. Viewed together, their works address the concept of order and disorder: the forces, that causes matter to come together, to transform and to fall apart in the natural world.

The artists are ambiguous in their portrayals of the dynamics between form and energy in microscopic or macroscopic universes.  Are they revealing dynamics in a drop of water or in the galaxy? Or both?  The artists invite the viewer to ponder and imagine.

Stewart and Dana have exhibited together for many years in larger group shows nationally and internationally. This is their first joint exhibition, giving the artists the opportunity to generate a sustained conversation between their work.  While each artist employs a different aesthetic and medium, their art creates a coherent visual dialogue about the dynamics of form and energy.

Betsy Stewart and Dana Richard are both members of the international artists’ collective Take Me to the River (TMTTR), which stages cultural projects around the world; every project features a multimedia exhibition and community outreach programs.