Alumni Stories

Athena Corbin - Teaching Artist

She’s passionate, she’s creative, and she’s ready to set the world on fire. Meet AOB alumna Athena Corbin, who will be returning this summer to assist in our “Pour Your ART Out-DC“ workshop and share her infectious love of art and passion for bringing out the best in young people with the next generation of AOB apprentices...
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Terique Greenfield - Composer for Film & Television


Even in 2003, when Terique became an AOB art apprentice, he was determined to make the most of this opportunity to develop himself as an artist. He and his colleagues from the first cohort, worked hard to create a range of works in mosaic, canvas, and various digital mediums.

That diligence paid off. Today, Terique is a composer for film and television and is preparing to become a recording artist. “Arts on The Block was a crucial program in helping my artistic literary development,” he said. Much of his creative process was honed at AOB as well. Said Terique,

“You just have to be open to everything. Allowing your mind to wander lets it bring in the puzzle pieces. Then, you have to chase down those puzzle pieces and put them together. At the end, you hopefully have something that you like.”

Aselin Lands - Artist, Art Educator, and Arts on the Block Board Member

"Collaboration is the skill I honed most while at AOB and is most useful in my professional life. It has become a strong personal value of mine."
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Sam Petros - Artist, Studio Assistant, and Student at Montgomery College

Arts on the Block's impact to our community is never more clearer than after chatting with recent alumna Sam Petros. Aside from being an artist in her own right, Sam speaks three languages, plays three instruments, loves everything Marvel and has a lifelong goal of bringing joy and wonder to children through video and movies. She joined our Pour Your Art Out program the summer after her ninth grade at Northwood High School in Kemp Mill, MD and has been beautifying her world ever since.
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Natalie Ramirez - Art Teacher at Montgomery County Public Schools

“To be around kids from different places and working with such an experienced art teacher was an awesome experience, and to get paid while doing art made it even better... When I show the mural I worked on to other people, I get a real sense of pride. I feel connected to the community.”
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Yordan S. - Student at the Corcoran College of Art & Design

"Improving my presentation skills, feeling more confident about myself, and knowing how to present myself in the best light were the three most important things to my growth as a person and artist."