Make and Take Workshops

We are one of AirBnB’s Social Impact Experiences.
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Sip and Nip Mosaic
Workshop Explore the art of mosaic, then make and take your own!

About Your Hosts
Arts on the Block specializes in large-scale mosaics for public and private clients designed by emerging artists in the art & design fields. The studio crew have mastered our production methods and the history of the mosaic art form. They’re also happy to show their portfolios, tell you about their career aspirations, and chat about travel!

Our studio was originally inspired by Gallery 37 in Chicago and we are now celebrating our 15th year! Daily inspiration comes from what young artists can accomplish with the right tools, a supportive environment, and a chance to follow their dreams.

About the Organization
Arts on the Block empowers creative youth to imagine and shape fulfilling futures, join the creative workforce, and contribute to their communities. We provide real-world training in a working mosaic studio and on local public art projects. Awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council, and Creative MoCo, 150+ of our works are now installed in the region.

What We’ll Do
Arts on the Block offers mosaic workshops in a professional art studio. With hands-on help from our studio crew, you’ll sketch out a design, learn basic glass-cutting and puzzling techniques, and get to work on a personal project. Each piece is finished in a few hours, left overnight to cure, and available for pick up or shipping the next day.

Mosaic is an ancient art form with a very contemporary flair. Artists all over the globe create stunning interiors, exteriors, and objects using the magical combination of glass and grout. The history of mosaics is like a world tour – you’ll see the oldest examples as well as the hottest designs coming out today.

Mosaic’s materials are mesmerizing too! The colorful glass and ceramic tiles look like candy. Or maybe they remind you of your favorite aunt’s dishes. Or the gold shimmer on the green-blue water from your last ocean adventure. We have tons of gorgeous choices for a one-of-a-kind creation.

Just like you – our studio team bring their life experiences, travel memories, cultural backgrounds, and artistic eye to their own work. The inspiration is endless, and we’re here to help you find your fit in this timeless tradition.

Where We’ll Meet
Our Kensington studio is tucked back in a warehouse district with many other artist studios, wood and metal fabricators, wholesale antique dealers and a few auto body shops. It’s a welcoming, well-lit, comfortable, slightly gritty, funky-fun space. Come as you are!

How Often Are Workshops?
Regular weekly sessions 4pm-7pm on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday 6pm-9pm. Dates are subject to change. Please, verify through the AirBnb registration portal. We’re usually in the studio noon to nine, Tuesday through Saturday, and are always happy to host a group at a time convenient for you! Check our schedule for current workshop availability, and please do send us a personal note if another time is better.

What We’ll Provide
Water, Seltzer and Soda – Drinks are on us while you’re here Mosaic Tiles and Tools – Everything you’ll need to make and take a mosaic project Little Nibbles – Light snacks for creative fuel

What Guests Should Bring
If you have an idea, image or drawing already, bring it for inspiration. We also have a selection of designs to choose from.
Please wear closed-toed shoes. Dress in casual, with layers to adjust to your comfort.

Did we hear you say you’re not creative? Or you’re worried your mosaic might look bad? Drop your doubts at the door, our studio team is trained to help everyone from novices to know-it-alls! 🙂

Guest requirements
Ages 16 and up

Group size
1-10 attendees

Price per person

Every Thursday and Friday, 4pm-7pm beginning April 5, 2018
Every Saturday, 6pm-9pm beginning April 14, 2018

Proceeds from our Social Impact experiences help to employ emerging artists as studio apprentices and assistants, giving them access to real-world experiences in a professional studio environment while supporting their career and college goals.