Going Places, First Stop Japan!

Going Places Spring Campaign Illustration

Help us imagine what’s possible when creative youth see the world as their studio.

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Airbnb to create a Social Impact Experience for their Washington DC launch! To celebrate, we’re exploring art and travel, and sharing our finds with you – to start, we’re talking about Japa
Naomi Giddings produced the illustrations for our spring campaign #GoingPlaceswithAOB. Recognize the iconic mountain (really a volcano) in Naomi’s work? Learn more about Mount Fuji from Spoon & Tamago.

Here’s a social media recap from our first week…

  • Our story starts with Olivia, an illustration major studying in Japan and exploring her family roots. Olivia hopes to visit these must-sees: http://ow.ly/aUCv30k16xl
  • While traveling, artists like Olivia may keep a sketchbook to document their adventures. Check out these beautiful examples of the traveling sketchbook! http://ow.ly/XMIs30k1n46
  • Interested in keeping a traveling sketchbook like Olivia? Check out these tips to get started! http://ow.ly/Pqve30k2vR3
  • Olivia is getting a student visa and passport, which will let her stay in Japan for a few months. http://ow.ly/ddRf30k3ifd
  • Olivia’s now on board her flight to Japan. Once she arrives, she’ll stay with her aunt. But first, she’ll brush up on her etiquette for being a good guest: http://ow.ly/Ikmo30k3ko0
  • How do history and the culture of your travel destinations inspire your art? Olivia looks up to artists like Tomomi Kamoshita, who uses the Japanese art form of kinstugi to create unique chopstick rests!  http://ow.ly/3vL830k2uXW
  • Olivia’s flight has landed! She will be arriving in Haneda Airport. She can’t wait to check out the culture of Japan: http://ow.ly/l6Nf30k3pYm
  • With help from her aunt, Olivia is learning how to address everyone she meets in Japan, with greetings and family names: http://ow.ly/orO230k3pOK
  • Olivia is continuing to connect with her roots. Her first stop is Yanaka, a traditional district which has captured #ilustrationinspiration for artists alike: http://ow.ly/Grln30k4BOK
  • Like all of us at Arts on the Block, Olivia loves public art! Here are a few pieces she wants to see while visiting Tokyo: http://ow.ly/V89R30k2vfJ
  • Interested in keeping a traveling sketchbook like Olivia? Check out these tips to get started! #GoingPlacesWithAOB http://ow.ly/Pqve30k2vR3
  • Olivia is practicing Japanese plein air-painting outside-and incorporates traditional elements that she has observed during her travels: http://ow.ly/j60v30k4JBg
  • Olivia’s next destination is the National Art Center of Japan, which features traditional paintings, modern art and media. http://ow.ly/pjQZ30k4Gl3
  • Are you an illustrator like our fictional traveler Olivia? Check out these great illustration resources! http://ow.ly/YDw430k9agc
  • Olivia is visiting the Mosaic Tile Museum, which has art of everyday objects. http://ow.ly/FWRI30k4EsZ
  • Olivia is amazed to see the 3D #publicart of Harumi Yukutake- a house covered with mirrors! http://ow.ly/cRMw30k4IOP
  • Olivia is learning more about manga: http://ow.ly/XVFP30k807s
  • Before Olivia leaves Japan, she buys some origami paper to take home with her. Maybe she’ll be inspired by one of these origami artists… Safe travels, Olivia! http://ow.ly/752P30k3AOp

Having fun following Olivia’s journey to Japan? Jump on your creative path a little closer to home. Through our new Airbnb partnership, AOB hosts mosaic workshops every weekend!