Interning at AOB

Interning at AOB

By Julia Thompson, Communications Intern


At the start of my internship at AOB, my goals were to continue to gain experience in social media, graphic design and see how mosaics were made in the studio. I was able to achieve my goals and more! As an AOB Intern, I worked on social media campaigns, design projects and learned about the apprentices’ mosaic projects.  

One of my favorite things about working with AOB is the studio environment, which allowed me to see the mosaics that apprentices were working on and how they, along with the AOB team, collaborate every day. I also enjoyed greeting visitors at AOB’s spring Open House and helping them with digital checkouts. I worked with artists and architects as a team on the Design Challenge, where the AOB board members and team plan for next steps in the Silver Spring studio.

My first project was to redesign the AOB brochure in a digital format using Google Docs. I organized images that were from the hard copy portfolio, and wrote about AOB’s projects and commissions. I also designed thank you notes using Adobe Illustrator.

Another project I worked on with the AOB team was the spring social media campaign, #GoingPlaceswithAOB. The campaign was about art inspired journeys and the adventures of fictional travelers inspired by studio apprentices. The characters went to Japan, Morocco, Rome and Baltimore.

I was able to apply my English major and creative writing abilities to the campaign through storytelling. My role in the campaign was to create tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram stories that chronicled the characters’ adventures across the globe. I also chose photographs to accompany each posts to help tell the story of the traveler. I worked with social media specialist and illustrator Naomi Giddings to create content three times a week during the campaign.

I also worked on the website by building WordPress pages and embedding the social media posts from the campaign,  and giving each of the characters their own webpages.

My next project was to highlight AOB’s PIVOT Exhibit through Facebook and Twitter. I spotlighted each AOB exhibit artist with a link to their portfolio.

The last project I worked on at my AOB internship was writing and creating GoFundMe pages for East County and the Turning Point Mural, and creating social media posts to highlight each project.

My plans for the fall semester are to take Sociology, Film and English classes. I would like to continue focusing on communications and graphic design, and am considering working in a field of media and arts education.