The East County Community Mural

Students lead by AOB teaching artist, Arturo Ho, in creating Strength Tree hands

‘Strength Tree’ symbolizes the value of individuals in community

For more than a decade, Arts on the Block has been working in East Montgomery County to identify community priorities that can be addressed by art and design projects.. This area of the county lacks resources and services for youth and families and also had some issues with crime and safety. In an effort to create safe, multi-generational arts spaces for community members, AOB and our project partners have hosted several temporary art projects, including movie nights, art workshops, and Summer Fun Camp focused on mural-making.

Now the East County studio crew is ready to take on a bigger challenge – a mosaic mural for the East County Community Center! The theme of the mural is a ‘strength tree’ and it will feature the many ways that our individual strengths contribute to a vibrant community in East County. Under the direction of teaching artists, AOB apprentices will lead the project through every stage of planning and design, all the way through to the finished mural.

This time, the crew is taking on project fundraising too. The total budget for the mural is $5,000, and they’ve already received small grants from the East County Regional Service Center and Montgomery College Office of Community Engagement.

Donations go towards the cost of community art workshops, mural supplies and materials, and installation of the final artwork at the community center. With your help, this project will provide a year of creative activities for East County youth and families, a beautiful new mural for the community center, and a great reminder of community pride in East County.

Donate online today through GoFundMe!

Strength Tree Mural Milestones

  • In Summer 2018 AOB led a Summer Fun Camp at the East County Community Center. Youth ages 6-12 discovered some of their own strengths and learning about mural-making by creating an early mock-up of the Strength Tree.
  • In Fall 2018, youth and community members meet monthly to develop the mural design further. We’ll talk about how to represent everyone who makes up the East County community and how differences make us stronger and more beautiful.
  • The final design for the mural will be chosen in December 2018.
  • In Spring 2019, the mural will finally be ready to fabricate! Creative youth will lead teams of community members to create each section of the mural in mosaic tile.
  • The Strength Tree Mural will be installed in April or May 2019.