Travelling Full Circle @ Zenith

Zenith Gallery Presents: “Traveling Full Circle”

1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004

Exhibit Dates: Now through – January 5th, 2019

Featured Artists: Lisa Battle, Richard Binder, Patera Kori Studios (Darlene Davis), Renée duRocher, Anne Marchand, and Jerome Parmet. 

AOB board member, Richard Binder creates three-dimensional metal sculptures in stainless steel and mild steel that convey energy, motion and strength.

After retiring from a 40-year career as a medical oncologist and hematologist in Northern Virginia, he felt driven to create abstract art rather than representational art in an attempt to produce pieces that were unique, fresh and new. Binder says that his art is a way for him to build images that will last. “I had literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of patients die, and so life is a very transient thing,’’ he said in one interview. “Stainless steel has a permanence that will go on for generations.”

“Many of my works show geometric figures in motion while others represent my view of nature and elements of the universe. My sculptures combine organic life, science, beauty and shape. This reflects the different dimensions of my own life as a person, an engineer, a physician and now an artist. People have always been very important to me and I have an intrinsic need to engage with people. My art is the way I connect with other people. For me, the experience of creating a piece of physical art is enormously satisfying and life affirming. People interpret abstract art in very individual and personal ways. My hope is that my pieces will bring beauty to all who see them.”

Binder’s art has been featured in numerous galleries and is on display in both the public arena and private collections. Among his exhibits was a solo show at the residence of the German Ambassador, which led to one of his pieces being selected for presentation to the German Head of State by the United States Department of State. He earned a bachelor of science in Chemical engineering and draws on the experience he had fabricating equipment as an engineering student in the 1950’s.