Where the HeART Is by Anwesha Moitra

Where the HeART Is by Anwesha Moitra, AOB Apprentice Artist

This past school year I had the amazing opportunity to be an apprentice at #artsontheblock and it’s just been a great experience! From getting strange looks from security guards at the national gallery for tableau vivant, to smashing tiles with a hammer and making a mosaic from the pieces, AOB has really made me and my fellow apprentices a family. My teachers and friends have helped me become a better artist and business person through this program, and I hope that this spring, you can help support this incredible institution by donating to our #HitRefresh campaign, spreading the word, or even signing up to be an apprentice yourself! Even a few dollars would be a huge help to to the arts, and to this family I hold near and dear to my he(art)❤????